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《皇冠苹果版app下载》规定,目录信息不是隐私. What is directory information? 目录信息是不需要学生同意就可以发布的信息. This includes:

  • Name
  • Major/Field of Study
  • Participation in Activities/Sports
  • Dates of Attendance
  • Degrees/Certificates Awarded
  • Institution Attended Most Recently
  • Enrollment Status
  • Height – Only if a student-athlete
  • Weight – Only if a student-athlete
  • HS – Only if a student-athlete

Neither CCCS, its Colleges, 也没有任何被指定为学院官员的实体, 会否向任何要求提供资料作信用卡营销用途的金融机构公布目录资料, nor to any database service, data aggregator, 或仅以出售数据牟利和/或营销为目的而维护列表的请求者.

我担心我的隐私权. Who shall I contact? 登记主任,登记和记录主任,Ana Rodriguez

Security Reporting

Students with Disabilities

Visit the Accessibility Center 浏览我们为残疾学生提供的服务.

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Freedom of Expression

CCD相信你们享有美国宪法第一修正案所规定的言论和表达自由. 我们鼓励您阅读以下关于言论/表达问题的政策

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